to be like Mary (thoughts on advent, part 1)

Last night my 4 year old comes into the kitchen where I am making lunches for school the next day. He pulls a stool over to where I am standing, asks if he can help me. I want to tell him no, I’m trying to get this done as quickly as possible. I’m tired, and… Continue reading to be like Mary (thoughts on advent, part 1)

turning to the prayers of others

You know that moment when you let yourself grow quiet enough to feel that tug inside of you, that longing to communicate with God. But then, what to say? Sometimes I find myself struggling for the right words. Certainly in prayer there is time for silence, for resting, for listening. I have found these times… Continue reading turning to the prayers of others

a soulful summer

Dear Mommas, How is your summer going? I hope you’ve found yourself laughing a great big belly laugh, have found yourself smiling wider than you have in a while. I hope you’ve put your feet up and lost yourself in a good book. I hope you’ve had a chat with a friend that uplifted and… Continue reading a soulful summer