an invitation

Today is a new day. How are you feeling about it? I know that for some of us dread is weighing heavy. One day is rolling into the next with no real end in sight, and this sameness, monotony, and isolation might be a dark cloud over you. Waking up might not be a joyful experience right now. 

One day at at time, my loves. What else can we ask of ourselves? Because our future, even of tomorrow, is entirely uncertain, all we have is right now. Let’s be in the now, then. Not somewhere far up ahead or way back in the past. Just right here, wherever we are. 

Like the sunlight rainbow my son saw dancing on his bedroom wall this morning, there are treasures to be found, small as they may be, in every part of our lives. The big moments and tiny moments and everything in between. Nothing is not important. Don’t run from the boring, it might be a gift.

This is an invitation, to slow down and distance ourselves from the rush and noise, and find grounding once again. Both feet planted on this earth, breath rising and falling slow and steady. We are awake, alert, listening.

This is an invitation, to draw near to God. To remember that we are children who are delighted in by a loving Father, who waits for us to turn our souls and take delight in him too. Every morning, every moment, is an invitation into this love. Into this communion. If we do nothing else, let us be in this love. 

Today is a new day, to discover. To learn. To laugh. To love. To connect. To pray. To give. To receive. To create. To rest. To enjoy. To grow. To relax. To be curious. To play. 

This is an invitation. To find calm in just being. Challenge yourself to be okay with not producing, achieving, doing, going. Just be. Our souls will rejoice, to be able to breathe in this new space and stillness. It is healing for the mind which we keep so very active, and comforting to the heart which longs to be listened to. 

There is no right way to do this life, let alone this pandemic. Grow quiet and let your life speak. Move through your day mindfully, waiting and watching for what it wants to teach you, what it wants to invite you into, how it wants to hold and cherish you.

This is your life, no one else’s. Let the mystery reveal itself to you, little by little. Appreciate the awkwardness, the struggle, even yes, the frustration. Search for the joys. Those gifts we often overlook but are here to lift our spirits. The sunlight rainbows on the wall. The steam rising from your coffee. The bowl of soup on the table.

The beautiful mess of being alive and being together. 

Today is a new day. Let’s not waste it with dread, but welcome it with gratitude.

What might we discover? 

xo Andrea

2 thoughts on “an invitation”

  1. Andres, we are so glad that you are using the gift of writing which God gave you. You show a lot of good thought and comment sense in what you write. Those thoughts that you are expressing are very often the thoughts of others who can not express them as you do. Be assured that they are a blessing to many because God is in those thoughts you express. Remember, we pray for you daily. You have a unique way of helping others. We encourage you to continue using this great gift. God bless you. From grandma & Grandpa

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